“When something bad happens you have three choices: you can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.”

I read that quote and felt it really applied to how I approach things.

Each of us has had our successes and our failures and like many other women, I sometimes beat myself up about the mistakes I’ve made. News flash, it’s okay to fail, it’s human to fail, and if you are striving to achieve greatness you will encounter failure. But the key is to success is to not wasting that difficult experience but learning from it and moving on. If you haven’t learned something from failure then it truly is a wasted experience and that’s a shame.

One of the great things about failure is that you can learn the lessons from others without having to experience it yourself. That’s why I created the For Smashers blog. This is your opportunity to share your stories and experiences (good and bad, successes and failures) and either impart your wisdom to others or seek the counsel of others. The blog is meant to be a collaborative exchange of ideas, advice, or just empathy.

A final note, this is meant to be an uplifting, positive, and helpful exchange. For the haters, belittlers, and people who thrive on negativity you can surely find some other outlet to express yourselves. For Smashers is just that, for talented women who are achieving greatness or on their way to doing so.