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"The Closer is an inspiring and fun take on women in business…"

In the first book in her Ceiling Smasher series focusing on positive powerful female leaders, senior executive Shaz Kahng fictionalizes her decades of top business experience to create a thrilling story of the first female CEO in the sports industry.

Kahng’s vast experience working in male-dominated boardrooms enables her to provide a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work in the sports sector as a woman and what it takes to shatter the glass ceiling.

There's a secret society of professional women called the Ceiling Smashers. And Smashers Synched is a brilliant tale that brings into sharp focus what it truly takes to become an extraordinary leader in today's business climate.

Four women are the founders of the Ceiling Smashers society. Who are these amazing women and how will they overcome the hurdles placed in their paths?

Meet Andi. She walks into work one day to learn that her private banking department has been acquired by a foreign bank and she's getting a new boss.

Meet Sofia. She finally gets the green light for a new CNBC show she's been pitching but the deal comes with a prickly new co-anchor.

Meet Grace. She's on sabbatical from her CMO job and wants to write the bible on rebranding while dreaming of running her own business.

Meanwhile, their friend and fellow Ceiling Smasher, Vivien Lee, has taken on a massive leadership role at a sports company in Oregon.

These four women are at a career crossroads, which they will have to face with determination and defiance, while making daily decisions that will define them as individuals and shape their futures.

As this page-turner unfolds and twists of fate are revealed, what keeps these unforgettable characters going is their friendship, loyalty, and support of each other.

Smashers Synched is an exciting, uplifting, must-read novel that's perfect for your next vacation or stay-cation, and a slam-dunk as your next book club recommendation!

Shaz Kahng…

…is a visionary leader and inventive thinker adept at turning around and scaling businesses in the retail, sports/active apparel, and footwear industries.

From Global Business General Manager at Nike, to CEO/President of Lucy Activewear, she has led teams to achieve success in very male-dominated industries.

She has previously worked as a research scientist, a global consulting partner, a builder of e-businesses, and a brand strategist.

Vivien Lee is a thoroughly likeable lead...even faced with manipulation and outright lies, Vivien typically picks the higher road, following her dad's advice: Be great and be good. Still, she isn't a saint; she occasionally loses her temper, plays into the game, or even takes revenge.

The story takes some inspiring turns, including Vivien's participation in a Wharton-founded secret club, the Ceiling Smashers, which functions as a place to maintain alliances with other women in business. Anecdotes about women's experiences at those meetings read as realistic and give credence to the bonds of sisterhood highlighted throughout. Sports analogies, jargon, and quotes are used throughout, giving the story a unique, entertaining quality."

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